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Bullying: St Augustine Dental Implants Can Reduce Bullying

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Monday’s main article, Bullying: Nothing To Smile About,  focused on the American Academy of Orthodontist (AAO) study that revealed a smile is a primary cause of bullying. They found categories of problems with a smile that can lead to bullying. The second most likely problem is missing teeth, and that will be the focus of our blog entry today.


Missing teeth in St Augustine can have a lot of the same ill effects as gaps in our teeth. The same speech impediments can develop, bite problems can develop and a change in our facial features can occur. If you have ever seen a denture wearer take their denture out, they have a “sunken in” appearance because they no longer have their teeth to support their lips and cheeks. Missing just one tooth can do the same, but obviously not to that extreme.


Now its tough on kids because in many cases they are suppose to be missing teeth from time to time. Its part of growing up, and I still remember the shiny quarter I would get from the tooth fairy. Kids in St Augustine can lose their last tooth even as late as 15 or 16, and unfortunately these are typically front teeth..  And while normal, this can be troubling to teens. What is less common is to be missing teeth.  But the most likely tooth to be missing, aside form wisdom teeth/ third molars, are our later incisors.  These are the teeth just to the side of your “two front teeth”.  The best way to replace missing teeth is with dental implants.


Dental implants are artificial tooth roots that have a dental cap or crown placed on top of them. You then treat it like a normal tooth. We still want you to brush around it and floss in between it to keep the gums nice and healthy. Dental implants can be safely and predictably placed about age 18. So there is a bit of a wait for kids. But if you or a loved one in Jacksonville is missing teeth, dental implants can be the answer right now. To get kids to age 18 there are temporary fixes and we would love to discuss them with you over a consultation.


If you are an adult missing many teeth, then our SNAP implant denture may be the answer for you.  SNAP dentures snap into place.  They have little movement as the implants give the denture a home to stay in place.  There is not flopping or sliding of your dentures.  And no need for denture pastes and adhesives.  In some cases we can place the implants and have a stable denture for you in about an hour.  SNAP implant dentures could be just what you are looking for, for yourself, or a family member.  Ask your St Augustine cosmetic dentist if they are right for you!


So, again,it is more than just a smile makeover Jacksonville, its about supporting your facial features, improving your bite, and fending off the second most common category of bullying with regards to your smile. If you would like to discuss Invisalign or dental implants with us please call (904) 940-3933