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Bullying: St Augustine Invisalign Used To Stop Bullying

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This weeks article, Bullying: Nothing To Smile About, focuses on the American Academy of Orthodontists (AAO) study that showed the number one cause of bullying is a person’s smile. That is a powerful study, and the implications are far reaching. Laws have not been enacted to stop bullying and social sites such as Facebook have given bullies another outlet and a source to fight bullying. The AAO study found that the four leading causes of bullying related to a smile are: Spacing between teeth, missing teeth, shape/color of teeth and “Buck Teeth”.

This blog entry will focus on Spacing between teeth and how your Jacksonville cosmetic dentist at World Golf Village in St Augustine can correct the spacing.

As mentioned in the article, the position of our teeth has an affect on our facial features. Spacing can lead to improper support of the lips. And our teeth are constantly moving because they have a ligament around them like your knee or your ankle has ligaments. If there is a space between teeth, the teeth directly above/below the space can move up/down into the space. This can lead to future “bite” problems, which can be detected while at our World Golf Village dental office. Changes in speech patterns may be created as well. When we speak, certain sounds are formed when placing our tongue and lips to our teeth. If they are not in the right spot, our speech may suffer because of it.

Fortunately there is a very easy way to fix gaps in teeth. The easiest and most cosmetic way for Jacksonville to fix gaps in their teeth is with something called Invisalign. Invisalign is a series of clear plastic trays that help move our teeth but with out the metal. Treatment times are normally around 8 months and typically people do not even know you are wearing the trays because they are so clear. It is the best of all worlds. So in about 8 months you can be rid of your gaps in your teeth and almost no one will know you even tried!

As you can see there are many important reasons to correct the gaps in your teeth. Since this entry focuses on bullying, then Invisalign is the answer to our number one concern. But it can also improve your speech, speech impediments being another cause for bullying, your bite and correct facial features. So it is about more than just a smile makeover St Augustine.  If you would like a consultation for Invisalign, call us (904) 940-3933