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Tooth Sensitivity and Tooth Paste from Your World Golf Dentist

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Our article this week, Tooth Sensitivity: How Your World Golf Village Dentist Can Help, discussed tooth sensitivity in St Augustine. Some causes of tooth sensitivity are brushing too hard, foods we eat, and clenching and grinding. Each has their own fix. Many of you are aware that there are toothpastes that will help relieve sensitivity. And that is true, but not all toothpastes are created equally.

Teeth are porous and have many holes in them. This not only allows teeth to become sensitive, but can cause them to stain as well. That is why many of our guests ask about teeth whitening in St Augustine. In the case of tooth sensitivity, new pores become exposed or old ones are opened up and act as an expressway to the nerve of your tooth. The pores need to be either covered or closed up.

That is the purpose of the toothpaste, close up the pores. Over the counter toothpaste that target sensitivity use fluoride and potassium to close the pores. But since it comes over the counter, there are limits to how much of these useful particles can be placed inside the toothpaste. Your World Golf Village dentist can give you a stronger toothpaste. Our toothpaste has about five times the amount of fluoride than those found over the counter. More is not always better, but in this case it is. The more quality particle you can have, the faster your relief comes.

The relief does not come over night. The particles need to build up in the pores before the relief comes. This can take several weeks. And you should use this time to remove the cause of your pores being exposed. If its foods, like citrus, then try rinsing with water after eating it. Brushing too hard, slow down. If its clenching and grinding, come see us, your World Golf Village dentist. But you must remove the cause of the pores being exposed.

That should be the overriding theme. Use it as a band-aid, a temporary fix. It is not the solution long term. And the longer you go without fixing it… Well you already know, it gets worse and harder to fix. Let your World Golf Village dentist help, there is only so much a toothpaste can do.