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We Can Help Your With Tooth Sensitivity

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In essence, tooth sensitivity is feelings of discomfort in your teeth that can be mild or severe, and be triggered by everyday tasks such as eating and drinking. But how can tooth sensitivity be treated? Our dentist and team can help you treat tooth sensitivity and once again enjoy the use of your smile.

While there are many reasons for tooth sensitivity, some tend to be more common than others. If you frequently grind your teeth, you may develop fractures that expose your tooth roots, causing sensitivity in the teeth. Heightened sensitivity can also result from tooth decay, brushing too hard, or developing gum disease, since these can break the tooth enamel and expose your tooth nerves.

One of the common solutions to tooth sensitivity is to ensure that you are brushing and flossing properly every day, which can typically fix the problem better than any other method. When brushing or flossing your teeth, ensure that they are thoroughly cleaned.

You can also find toothpaste for sensitive teeth, which should be applied to the offending teeth particularly at night to improve tooth sensitivity over time.

If you notice signs of enamel erosion, we can suggest solutions such as consuming food high in calcium to build up enamel on your teeth. In general, you should avoid acidic foods that attack your enamel.

To learn more about treatments for tooth sensitivity in St. Augustine, Florida, please feel free to call 904-201-4304 and schedule a consultation with one of our dentists at Elite Smiles Dentistry. Drs. Steven Freeman, Nisarg Parikh, and Luis Zambrano look forward to assisting you!