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Keep Your Dental Veneers Bright with Proper Dental Care

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Dental veneers can be an excellent option to repair minor tooth damage or help you have the beautiful teeth you want. By speaking with our dentists, Dr. Steven Freeman, you can determine if this type of dental restoration is optimal for your cosmetic dentistry goals. We offer some dental care tips to help you preserve the appearance of your dental veneers and love your new smile.

We may recommend dental veneers to help you address dental flaws like tooth discoloration and deep stains. They can also be known as laminates, and they are thin, porcelain shells that are attached to the front surface of your teeth to cover this area and improve your smile’s aesthetic appearance, as well as further protect the tooth enamel.

Keep in mind that veneers don’t fully protect your tooth, especially because they only cover the front surface and the rest can be exposed to tooth decay without proper dental hygiene. We invite you to maintain daily dental habits like regular brushing and flossing to clean your smile every day and maintain the appearance of your veneers and smile in general. Over time, you may notice your veneers develop damage such as stains, cracks and worn cement, especially if your oral hygiene is inconsistent. We encourage you to notify our dentists if you have any concerns about your veneers because they may last about 10 years.

We are happy to further discuss how to care for dental veneers in St. Augustine, Florida, and we invite you to contact Elite Smiles Dentistry at 904-201-4304 today for a consultation!